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Our Values



​At the core of what we do, there is the concept of Delight. From the first contact with a candidate or a prospective client to the completion of a project, we go the extra mile while providing exceptional service. We also aim to delight each other as a team through Accountability, Results, Strong Communication and Collaboration.

No day is ever the same in recruitment which is what makes it such a complex and intimate craft. So when we face challenges we adapt efficiently as a team and stay focused on producing results. These occurrences allow us to deepen our performance, learn and grow and above all create advocacy amongst our customers and colleagues.



Trust is pivotal within every organisation. Being credible, reliable and open is very much part of our corporate culture. The recruitment process from transforming candidate attraction to candidate submission sets a benchmark of Trust between candidates and us. When a client releases a role and imparts intimate and confidential information pertaining to the role, we have a responsibility of managing that information appropriately which sets another benchmark of trust. Internally, we rely on accountability and reliability – another benchmark of Trust. We know Trust is fragile. This is why we have developed a Trust-Based Recruitment Framework.

Interpersonal perspective, fair rewards system, inclusive culture and team dynamics foster more effective ways of working. With a strong Diversity and Inclusion ethos and policy within our firm, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics for our candidates, clients and stakeholders. We invest heavily in ethical best practices in recruiting. We create and maintain a fair and equitable workplace culture within our firm and advise firms on best practice within recruitment also. Our beliefs and Actions evidence that.