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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Mission

Our mission is to support our workplace, marketplace and community to advance in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and to ensure fairness for all, continually winning hearts and minds. We embody these 3 facets in our day-to-day behaviours and business and personal activities. Executive Connections are signatories and one of the founding recruitment firms in conjunction with the 30% club and IBEC to contribute to the formulation of the code of conduct for search firms in Ireland. It is based on four key principles incorporating Strategy & Goals, Talent Pipeline, Process and Monitoring & Reporting. The Code also recognises the importance of search firms and client organisations working together in partnership on delivering change. It is anticipated that the Code will become a referral point for the Balance for Better Business outputs, to be announced soon by the Government Review Group.

Individual organisations are actively encouraged to support the principles set out in the Code and to work in collaboration with us, in ensuring the Code is upheld; and that ultimately greater balance is achieved across senior decision-making functions with particular emphasis at board and c-suite executive levels. In particular, it is anticipated that Nomination Committees will encourage the adoption of the principles and the suggested behaviours in both Board and internal selection processes, supported by the CEO and the HRD. Executive Connections, Ibec and the 30% Club have committed to promoting the Code and its other signatories with our members, encouraging them to engage in future with recruitment and executive search firms who are as committed to diversity as we are. By working together, we hope that we can make further advances to address the challenge of gender balance in decision-making roles and ultimately for better business outcomes.

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* Executive Connections continues to move towards being an accredited diversity and inclusion firm, evidencing our commitment to this meaningful and powerful challenge that affects all of us.*