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Build your professional brand with a standout CV

about 1 year ago

Build your professional brand with a standout CV

Build your professional brand with a standout CV

​Most of us think of our CV as a generic document where we document all our skills and experience and start applying for jobs. In this digital world, your CV is not just a ‘Curriculum Vitae’, it is also a marketing document that has one aim which is to GET THE JOB.

CV writing can be a difficult task but do not forget your CV is the first thing a recruiter sees when you apply for that dream job. It is often just a matter of seconds before they decide if you are suitable or not for the role. So, it’s absolutely essential to represent yourself as well as you can and stand out in order to receive that first screening call from your potential employer.

Whether you are looking for a job in Accountancy, Sales, Marketing, IT, Banking, Financial Services or anything else, the advice stays the same.

Here are a few quick points below to help you write a standout resume:

Tailor It:

TAILOR IT… Can’t stress this enough. One general CV is not suitable for all the jobs you are applying for. Go through each job specification and highlight your skills and experience accordingly. Use the right keywords and show how you are the perfect fit for the role

Structure It:

Looks are as important as details here. Structure your CV in such a way that the recruiter finds it easy to understand your story. Remember your CV may be viewed by a recruitment agency, internal recruiter, HR, hiring manager or all of these.

First; profile, education then recent experience and end it with previous experience which is not older than 10 years, last but not least specify your skills. Use basic fonts like Arial and embolden important information like degree, title, and company.

Brag about your Achievements:

It’s your time to shine, don’t forget to brag about your achievements in your previous roles. Focus on accomplishments instead of responsibilities. Write success stories that made a high impact on your team and company but don’t forget to keep it relevant and specific to the job you are applying for.

Go with Trend:

In this case, LinkedIn is your friend. Research the market and understand how to present a modern CV. Outdated and unnecessary details will just become ‘space filling’ rather than saying what you want to say.

Voila!!! Now you have the recipe for a Super CV which will increase your chances of getting that interview.

Best of luck with your job application.

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