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Why working with a Recruitment Consultant could be more beneficial for you

about 1 year ago

Why working with a Recruitment Consultant could be more beneficial for you

Why working with a Recruitment Consultant could be more beneficial for you

​Having made the decision to look for a new job, do you have a plan in place? Hopping onto your chosen jobs board and hitting ‘apply now’ to countless jobs is not advised. Planning the entire process is vital to ensure you make the right connections and find your next career move. Often it can be difficult to do it alone. Working with a recruitment consultant, however, can help.

Offering a wealth of services to both candidates and clients, the information and guidance they provide is hugely beneficial. Recruitment consultants are instrumental in landing you the right job in the right environment.

1. We offer inside information with a professional consultative approach – select the right partner for you

A recruitment consultant is just that, a CONSULTANT. We are more than the middle man between you and the mysterious company we are advertising for. When choosing a recruitment consultant it is important to define what they will bring to the table for you. Depending on the length of the process, you are going to be in regular contact for a number of weeks or months. Recruitment is a complex procedure so align yourself with a trusted partner who will make your move efficient, insightful and practical.

On your initial contact with your chosen recruitment firm/consultant it is advisable to ask the following questions to get a flavour of their knowledge, expertise and willingness to support you:

  • How is the market moving?

  • How do my current compensation and benefits stack up compared to my competition?

  • Am I job hunting in a competitive space?

  • How does my profile compete in that space? What do they have that I do not have?

  • What gaps do I need to bridge to make me stand out and give me a competitive edge?

  • What environment is best suited to me based on my reasons for leaving?

  • What companies are hiring?

  • What are hiring cycle times like?

Only work with a recruiter who wants to meet you. It is impossible for a recruiter to get behind you without a true understanding of your motivations, interests, capabilities and technical competencies without physically meeting you.

2. Employer engagement

When you apply for a role directly to an employer online, what happens? Unfortunately, quite often, nothing! Your favourite organisations are favourites for a reason and the droves of applications they receive on a daily basis are phenomenal. If your recruiter is good at their job they are often a trusted business partner for many of the companies you’d like to work for.

The reality is CVs can regularly drown in the sea of applications. If your recruiter knows your capabilities and relevance for roles, they will be able to introduce your profile to a company, before even sending a CV, creating a much more powerful connection than you submitting a CV through a portal or career page. They will ensure your application stands out from the crowd.

After securing an interview through your consultant, they will act as a true adviser. They know this company well, they have met the hiring manager & team, and they’ve also had people interview with the same panel before. Recruiters can strategically assist you in preparation for your interview to help you nail it on the day. They will prepare you on how to do a successful interview and represent yourself powerfully on the day through interview role-play techniques and competency-style questioning.

3. The deal-breaker bit…

So at this point, your dream company wants to offer you the job!! The salary conversation can be tricky to manage on your own, especially if this isn’t the only opportunity on the table. On one side, you don’t want to price yourself out or appear to be greedy. On the other side, you are thrilled to be offered the job but you would like a little bump up in your package too. It can be risky business with many factors playing a role, and there may even be a second-choice candidate in the wings who will accept the job for less.

Here is where working with a recruitment consultant can be of huge benefit. They will know if there’s competition for the role, as well as knowing the client’s constraints on salary and will give you a true reflection of what is available.

And remember….

Working with a volume of recruiters and making volume applications online is ill-advised. The Irish market is small and too much duplication or representation of your details does not look good for you. Ultimately your profile is your strength and unique to you, so keep a comprehensive track of where it is going. If you do choose a blend of both direct applications and consultant representation, tread carefully.

In a nutshell, a recruiter can offer you new ideas on how to market yourself, new companies you perhaps hadn’t thought of, interview strategy and above all a successful outcome managed professionally and knowledgeably!

If you’d like any advice on the financial services jobs market in Dublin, feel free to reach out to us on 01 661 87 40 or email us at as we offer all of the above to our candidates. 

​Photo by cottonbro studio via Pexels

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