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4 Useful Tips for Virtual Interviews

over 3 years ago

4 Useful Tips for Virtual Interviews

4 Useful Tips for Virtual Interviews

​Amid the uncertain landscape and with many clients working remotely, we offer some tips to help alleviate any worries when it comes to moving face-to-face interviews to the virtual realm.

1. Dress well and dress professionally

It is important to still dress like you were interviewing in person as it gets you ready and mentally prepared for the interview. The waist-up is the most important so ensure that you look the part and think of the end of the screen as the board room table.

2. Limit your distractions

The fewer distractions you have the better. Somewhere with adequate lighting, that is relatively quiet is the best place to have your video interview.

3. Run a test on your technology to avoid any hiccups

Make sure your platform and technology works well and that you have enough battery. There is nothing worse than a laptop or tablet dying on you halfway through giving a good answer so make sure you're plugged in or have more than enough juice to get you through the interview

4. Make eye contact using the camera

Eye contact is quite possibly the most important thing when answering your questions and building rapport. Try not to focus too much on the overall screen or yourself in the photo. Be aware of your body language and ensure that you stay poised and present.

If you want advice or your company needs to tap into our unlimited advisory resources including our contacts that can help with video interviewing or to assist you in enabling remote working.

We are all in this together so let us help you keep your business moving during these times.

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