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What Your CV Should Look Like For A Digital Marketing Job?

about 4 years ago

What Your CV Should Look Like For A Digital Marketing Job?

​What Your CV Should Look Like For A Digital Marketing Job?

The Digital industry is growing by the minute so the chance for a fruitful career in the area is more likely, but what does a successful digital CV look like?

It should match the position you are applying for

You have heard this before, we get that, but seeing as you are digitally compiling your CV on a computer, make sure you demonstrate the skills your potential future employer would like to see.

“If you are applying for a social media role, use this as an opportunity to show how you can get content down to 140 characters like a tweet, or how you can write engaging, entertaining copy in your personal profile on your CV.” It sounds simple, but showcasing those skills that the position is recruiting for by actually doing them on your CV won’t go unnoticed. Applying for a digital content role? You better have no spelling mistakes in there.

Mention skills transferable to digital

Firstly, you have digital skills you don’t even know are digital skills – like Excel, Word, PowerPoint… And secondly, you have skills that can easily transfer to the world of digital. In short, you have developed skills for these modern jobs without even knowing it.

“For example, if you have worked in a busy bar or shop, chances are you’ll have to possess great customer service skills and this is the same for any account management or social media role. In a similar vein, if you have got to upsell certain products to your customers you have to be convincing and persuasive, and these are key when it comes to digital sales and copywriting.”

Show off your online footprint

It is becoming the norm to link to your blog, social media accounts and online portfolios for many jobs, but here’s another push if you haven’t done so yet. “When you are applying for a digital job, you have to anticipate that the employer you are applying to will be checking out your social media profiles, blogs, website etc, so make sure that you include links to all of these. However, make sure that your digital footprint is clean before you include these links on your CV.”

Stand-out digital skills

1)   Fluency in another language: A lot of digital companies have a presence in a number of countries, so if you can show that you would be able to communicate with clients and off-site teams with minimal fuss then you may end up being favoured over your competition.

2)   Coding experience: While you may not be applying for a developer role, having some sort of HTML or basic coding experience will really help you when it comes down to thinks like email marketing and content management.

3)   Online marketing knowledge: Online marketing is a key part of any digital job, as it can affect every area of the industry. So showing that you understand the key concepts of SEO, social media, content etc… will stand you in good stead.

4)   Communication skills: Like a lot of industries, communication is key in digital. Everything is done online, so you have to show that you can communicate efficiently, have good written skills as well as verbal and are able to work well within a team.

5)   Analytics: Analytics is a big part of a lot of digital roles, as companies have more access to a lot more data and have realised that understanding their customers and delivering appropriate content to them is key. Due to this, candidates with analytics skills (whether that be Google Analytics, email marketing analytics, social etc) will certainly be favoured.

Format of CV

For a digital role, most employers like to receive CVs in PDF format – it is easy, just ‘Save as’, and then find ‘PDF’ from the drop-down menu. Also including active hyperlinks on your PDF-formatted CV will show that extra bit of insight to your skillset, making it a lot easier for the employer to visit these sites without having to copy and paste links, or try and Google it themselves.

Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

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