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Read our FAQs for jobseekers returning to Ireland for good

over 7 years ago

Read our FAQs for jobseekers returning to Ireland for good

Read our FAQs for jobseekers returning to Ireland for good

Be it Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK, there is no doubt that these countries have acquired some of Ireland’s brightest talents over the last 5 years. While some took the leap to build a life abroad permanently, others left Ireland for a more temporary overseas jaunt. We are seeing a significant increase in the number of Irish ex-pats returning to their homeland permanently. 17% of people immigrating to Ireland in 2015 were Irish nationals returning home as international confidence and faith in the Irish market grows.

The Irish jobs market now has the ability to reap the benefit as our talented millennials return with relevant experience and an abundance of skills. Whether they went in search of professional experience, a long-term career or a year’s breather to discover themselves we are glad they are returning and believe they will be a great addition to Ireland’s workforce in 2016.

As we speak to an increasing amount of candidates considering the move home we have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns you may have if returning to Ireland is on the cards for you.

What sectors are seeing the most growth and what professions are in demand?

Thankfully we have seen growth across all the industries we work across.

Accountancycandidates are in demand across the board, but those most in demand will predominantly have a Big 4 background particularly Tax and Audit roles.

The quantity of marketing professionals seeking new opportunities continues to grow. Most Junior to mid-level hires within the sector now have a strong focus on Digital Marketing, with the most buoyant industry for Marketing being the Technology Sector.

While we have seen growth across much of the Banking & Finance sector, funds professionals are most in demand. In particular, our customers are hiring Fund Accountants, Product Managers, Transfer Agents, Trustees and Trade Operators of all levels.

The Digitalsector is growing at a rapid pace. There is a big demand for UX professionals at a senior level in Dublin with the boom of mobile. American multinationals are attracting a lot of the top talent by offering competitive packages.

How has the landscape changed from an employer/employee perspective?

We forecast that those returning to Ireland will see huge changes to the workplace since emigrating.  The influx of multinational companies means packages are stronger and employers recognise the need to invest in their people. This is being seen across the board with employees taking factors such as training and personal development, workplace balance, flexibility and above all company culture into consideration before accepting a job.

What kind of benefits packages are on offer?

Candidates consider much more than salary when taking a new role. An increasing number of candidates we work with receive more than one job offer and so companies who are able to offer benefits often have the upper hand. Pension, healthcare, travel allowance, training, increased annual leave as well as equity and share options are common. Bonuses are also back for high-performing staff.

How long is the process to secure a new role?

Experienced professionals can be successful in securing a job in on average 6-8 weeks. This may be quicker depending on your experience and how specialised your skills are. If you have engaged with a recruiter before arriving home the process may be much shorter when you arrive back in Ireland.

Should I apply for jobs from abroad or wait till I get back?

We recommend only applying for jobs in the weeks leading up to your return. The market is highly competitive and so vacancies may be filled by the time you are able to begin work. Building a relationship with a recruiter is a great option. Even before you come home, recruiters can engage with you advising you on the current market, finding out where your career interests lie and in turn making you aware of opportunities that will suit your specific skills.

Can you help me with my CV?

For many candidates we speak to, laying out their CV after being away is difficult. Many have had numerous jobs while away or alternatively the jobs they have had are not relevant to the industry they now want to work in. For those who have travelled and not worked for periods of time, explaining gaps in a CV can be a challenge. In our experience as long as you can explain these gaps employers are very open to employing those with international experience.

I’ve worked on short-term contracts for 2 years, can you help with interview preparation?

After being away the thoughts of an interview can be extremely daunting when out of practice. At Executive Connections, we meet with every candidate we put forward for a job and also carry out in-depth interview preparation meaning you will be prepared and ready to impress!

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