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What do we do?

We source the very best talent in order to offer real value to our clients. We collaborate with clients to find support in solving complex staffing issues and support them in capitalising on opportunities to grow. Through this collaboration aligned with our expert knowledge, our connected candidate network and understanding of your business we are positioned to ask better questions, offer better solutions and create a long-term effective relationship wIth long-term results. We deliver a range of services including Recruitment, Flexible people talent solutions and strategic recruitment advisory.
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Executive Connections is an award-winning specialist Financial Recruitment Firm founded by Hilarie Geary in 1991. Since then, the company has emerged as leaders in each of its specialist divisions. With a staff of 25, we are one of the most experienced and best-resourced specialist recruitment consultancies in Ireland. We support and construct, in line with our client's strategies, robust workforce and succession planning programs and have the capacity to scale up to manage large contingent recruitment projects

Our differentiators are in the value we provide in our service delivery, our trusting relationship that we have built over 28 years, our resilience and agility to consistently deliver but above all the people we employ and the culture of trust, we have created. We deliver through quality thinking, people, performance and service. We thoughtfully and creatively identify your needs and assemble the correct mix of skills and resources to meet them. With ongoing dialogue, a respectful attitude and absolute responsiveness, we deliver and meet your highest expectations.



We believe in giving back. For us, CSR is a broad term covering our impact on society and the community and environment in its broadest sense. What is meaningful for us under the CSR term includes; Our diversity impact and commitment, How we behave as an employer, how do we behave towards our vendor partners, our corporate governance policies and our relationships with all our stakeholders and our shared values that guide Executive Connections every day

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There is nothing more powerful than employees’ passion to delight our customers and create powerful advocacy among our community and networks. We simply love what we do! Our people go beyondour mission to see our company succeed. Every day we create meaningful footprints for our customers, but also a more emotionally-connected service by driving depth and intimacy in our actions, whether we are representing the best job for an individual or the best candidate for our client.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

With a rich successful history and a powerful brand Executive Connections not only attracts new customers and candidates but attracts the best talent to work for you enabling the first-class service from a first-class team.

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Our mission is to support our workplace, marketplace and community to advance in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and to ensure fairness for all, continually winning hearts and minds.  We embody these 3 facets in our day-to-day behaviours and business and personal activities.

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Our Values

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